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2023 Sponsors

SWOOP Analytics
Seeing how you work changes how you work! SWOOP Analytics provides collaboration analytics for your digital workplace, empowering employees and leaders around the world with personal and enterprise data to succeed in the digital workplace We analyze content and relationships in Microsoft Teams, Yammer, M365, SharePoint, and Workplace by Meta to give organizations deep insights into collaboration and behavior's. We help you adapt behavior's to drive better business outcomes and make informed decisions about collaboration effectiveness.
ContactMonkey is modernizing the way the world’s top organizations connect, communicate, and engage with their employees. In a rapidly changing world of work, our tool makes it easier for companies to engage remote, hybrid, and deskless workers—all through a single platform. We help internal communications teams to create, send, and track employee newsletters, SMS updates, and crisis communications with the goal of boosting employee engagement, and productivity. With ContactMonkey, you can send beautiful HTML email newsletters or crisis communications via SMS, build segmented employee lists from your Azure Active Directory or HRIS, gather employee feedback, and measure employee email analytics (open rates, click rates, read rates, eNPS) to understand what truly engages your employees.

Previous Sponsors

BlueJeans by Verizon
BlueJeans by Verizon is a company that provides cloud-based video conferencing services and solutions to all your business needs. We’ve helped thousands of companies worldwide foster stronger employee engagement and productivity by delivering easy, naturally collaborative, online video tools. Simple. Smart. Trusted.
Poppulo is the leading communications and workplace experience software company. The Poppulo Harmony platform helps enterprise organizations achieve more by effortlessly connecting their employees, customers, and workplaces through omnichannel employee communications, digital signage, and workplace management. Poppulo's 6,000+ customer base is representative of the world's most successful companies, including 47 of the Fortune 100. For more information, visit www.poppulo.com. Follow Poppulo on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
Our mission at Plek is to help organizations provide a seamless, people-centric employee experience. Leadership, HR and IC use Plek to unite everyone: in the office, on the floor or in the field. Across barriers of teams, departments, geography and language. From efficient employee onboarding to effective internal communication and true compliance awareness via micro-learnings. From basic feedback surveys to dynamic and personalized listening at scale via smart, scalable conversations. Know what is in the heart and minds of your colleagues and support your management and teamleaders acting on it. Plek is available via the browser, mobile devices and MS Teams.
Tryane provides the #1 analytics platform for Internal Communication professionals to help them deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Monitor the performance of your campaigns across all your channels (Email newsletters, Yammer posts, SharePoint news, and Stream videos) in one unique place! Our user-friendly suite of analytics solutions allows you to connect the dots of your internal communication through intuitive insights. Internal communication departments perform better thanks to Tryane’s smart features: Pre-built monthly reports, Top news of the month, User behavior Analysis, … Over 1500 organizations trust us to increase their employee engagement thanks to a more efficient internal communication.
Intelligent Intranet engages employees to excel in their jobs. Every professional is empowered by the easy-to-use LiveTiles platform and can harness the full power of its innovative software solutions. LiveTiles unlocks your organisation’s existing investments in technology, accelerating adoption and the intelligent workplace. Business processes, like Communications, HR and IT, are more efficiently organized with Virtual Assistants or Chatbots. Collaboration and internal communication are improved in a fully secure way, underpinned by our AI-enhanced solutions, boosting productivity and brand experience with the amazing user-experience powered by LiveTiles Design. From the inside out, LiveTiles empowers humans to bring your organisation’s vision and culture alive. www.livetiles.nyc

Appendee / Elevent.ly
Appendee offers event apps since 2011. An interactive mobile event guide that offers all relevant information for delegates during conferences, seminars, business travels and more.
Hybrid solutions
Since the beginning of COVID Appendee launched Elevent.ly; a virtual event platform next to the existing event app. A state of the art platform that offers ultimate branding possibilities that ensures optimal attendee experience. Imagine your global company offering hybrid solutions via a virtual hub of your company.
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Visit Elevently during the breaks in the Restaurant of De Balie.
LumApps aligns the modern enterprise workforce through better communication, engagement, organization and work. The company’s leading employee experience platform connects people, information and applications to deepen business relationships and grow knowledge and productivity. Available across devices and languages, LumApps is an open, multi-tenant platform built for enterprise scale and flexibility.
Poppulo is a pioneering global internal communications software company working with many of the world’s biggest and most successful companies and organizations. With its HQ in Cork and offices in Boston, the company previously known as Newsweaver has created the world’s first all-in-one software and services platform built specifically for employee communicators, to enable easy measurement of the impact of communications across multiple digital channels – email, intranet, video and enterprise social networks. Poppulo’s mission is to create innovative products and services that make companies great by releasing the power of their people and putting Internal Communications at the heart of organisations.Read More www.poppulo.com
MediaMyne offers advanced and innovative software solutions to optimize your internal communications. With the ultimate goal to contribute to employee engagement within (medium) large organizations, national and international. We developed a web-based content management system (SaaS) that is known for its user-friendly, multichannel and interactive character. We enables our customers to communicate quickly, easy and effectively content to employees through Digital Signage and/or App. Where needed we connect with internal and external sources for automated content!
YUDU Sentinel
YUDU have 10 years of experience developing apps for businesses and have deployed over 1,000 iOS, Android and Windows Apps. The company’s core capabilities are in converting documents for optimum reading on mobile devices and advanced communication technology such as multicasting SMS and in-app messaging. YUDU’s development team in London and Lancashire use agile systems to develop exciting new capabilities. YUDU believes connecting people with advanced technology is central to the effective running of a business in normal times and particular when an incident strikes. Looking after your people in tough times is the mark of a good company
The Team
The employee engagement practice at The Team contains a mix of consultants (focussed on strategic employee communications); creative leaders (focussed on the design of effective solutions); digital leads (focussed on online communications); and account directors (responsible for the feasibility and delivery of projects). We deliver business-driven, audience-focused and memorable creative solutions that are measured by their effectiveness. Clients include: RBS (values & vision campaign work); Avanade Inc (employer brand, employee awards); Southwest Airlines (employee campaigns); BP (values, brand and safety change programmes); English Heritage (employer brand); M&S (values, Plan A campaign work) and Three (employer brand).
Bookboon is the largest educational eBook publishing company in the world. We publish ebooks and audiobooks for university students and business professionals and distribute more than 75 million eBooks per year. We specialise in eLibrary solutions for internal learning and development of employees, and on Employer Branding solutions. Some of our large international clients are: ABB, Accenture, Allianz, Audi, Bain, Bosch, BP, Chelsea FC, CERN, Daimler, Deloitte, DHL, E On, EY, Exxon Mobil, ING, Microsoft, Motorola, PWC, SAP, Siemens and Vattenfall. Bookboon’s eLibrary is often described as the Netflix for corporate learning. Accessible anywhere via an incredibly easy-to-use platform, Bookboon’s hands-on eBooks on soft skills and personal development consist of 30-60 pages. In other words, it takes only takes 1-2 hours to put learning into practice. Talk about bite-sized learning… No wonder Bookboon boasts the highest usage rates in the digital learning sector. Give your employees the opportunity to implement tomorrow what they've learned today through your own eLibrary containing 700+ eBooks and audiobooks. Install the eLibrary on your own systems within just a few minutes. Find out more on bookboonglobal.com.
ORTEC is one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions. We make your business more efficient, more predictable and more effective. Turning complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions. We serve clients in almost every industry. And with 19 offices strategically located across 4 continents, we can deliver solutions on a global scale. Always underpinned by local know-how and service. Our mission is to optimize your world using world class mathematics and engineering. With our mathematical models, sophisticated optimization software and analytical skills, we can optimize all your business processes; the key to sustainable success in a challenging world. We have been in the business of internal communications since 2011, and are routinely identified as the “go-to” vendor for expertise in this eld. ORTEC for Communications provides a standardized platform for internal communications, with the possibility to extend to external communications. This enables your organization to realize the full potential of individual and organizational growth by leveraging a communications platform. Our curriculum offerings provide its customers with the skills required to become knowledgeable, effective, and dynamic experts in the (mobile) communications area.
Dialog Groep
Dialog Groep has been a specialist in customer communication for many years. We believe that steering towards a higher involvement of customers, employees and partners results in a better operating result. Our success formula: employee engagement + customer engagement = more revenue and profit. Together with our clients, we are working on the realization of an engagement roadmap, in which smart use of data makes customer communication more personal, relevant and interactive. We automate processes and make customer contact more digital, safer and easier. This makes digital personal. Customer-oriented thinking and flexibility is in our DNA.
WORKAI by Elastic Cloud Solutions For SMEs and Enterprises looking to improve internal communication, employee’s engagement and optimize processes, Workai is a ready-to-go SaaS platform that saves time of knowledge management & repeating tasks. It’s a new generation of digital workplace products that give freedom of building company's own digital ecosystem with a help of IoT and AI. It's flexible, easy-to-use and fun-to-develop. Containing the intranet, work efficiency apps, social features, knowledge base and much more. Exceptional user experience offered by Elastic Cloud Solutions products was appreciated in 2018 by Nielsen Norman Group with the Best Intranet Design Award.